Crotch On Fire

200? - 2008

Crotch On Fire - Anarchist Panther

Crotch On Fire were a fucking badass band out of San Antonio, operating at the turn of the century (the good one, not the old one). I never really fully appreciated where the term 'tear the roof off it' came from until I saw these guys play in my living room during SXSW 2007. With Crotch on Fire, you not only got the jams, but also the quality between song banter that so many strive for, and few perfect. The band disbanded in late 2k7/early 2k8, so we memorialise the immortal here on the internets.

Crotch on Myspace


The Anarchist Panther EP

Crotch On Fire - Anarchist Panther

The 'Anarchist Panther EP' is 7 inches of gooey green wax that you'll swear is the residue that flows from the sides of your head after your ears have been purified from hearing it at +100dB. Some might say that each song sounds like someone walking the green mile grabs you for a second to half whisper, half spit something that you only kind of understand, but stays with you every day after that. You've got spittle on yer ear and you realise for a second what the electric chair feels like (in the best possible way). Fuck what you heard, this is how you harness raw voltage.

If you are lucky enough to own the Anarchist Panther EP, then you know how awesome the artwork is. If you'd like to be so lucky, contact us and we'll try to get you one.

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