GaGeAsSeBr – Krypton

Part 1

Title: Krypton
Artist: GaGeAsSeBr
Album: GaGeAsSeBr
Date: 2001

Here’s another bit of a concept album I did right out of high school, if not mostly while still in high school. When I was in middle school, I thought the periodic table was mostly good for finding hidden words amongst the abbreviations. GaGeAsSeBr (Gah-Gee-Ass-Ee-Bur) is about the best you can do though. David and I laughed about this for a good year… we had a knack for talking nonsense.
Anyway once I started making music, I guess this was the first ‘concept album’ I wanted to do. The idea was to be completely off the wall, and also VERY sampler friendly. My sampler at the time was an Akai S-20, with a good amount of memory (17mb), but a horrible storage method (floppies…many of my tracks were spread across 3 to 4 floppies and loading time was absolutely atrocious). So this project grew out of me wanting to make somewhat daft, somewhat jamming loops, and be able to create entire improvised tracks around these loops (no more than 16, either).
Looking back, this is one of the first occurrences of restrictions pushing my creativity…it’s sometimes good to have limits to your ability, or deadlines, or other restrictions because it makes you work more with the goal in mind, and not so much the process. I recall that once I started tracking these things out, they just started flowing and I think I did the first three in the first day.
So, here’s the first installment of the GaGeAsSeBr posts which I’m going to do backwards so it shows up in correct order when you later come look at the EP page.
This first one, ‘Krypton’, you’ll notice isn’t even in the GaGeAsSeBr paradigm…that’s because I also had a penchant for secret tracks. This is the secret track. And pay attention, I totally ripped myself off later by pulling the best part of this track out and using it with Rik in the previous, ‘Robofish / Guitar’.
Download: gageassebr6 (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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