Noggin – Family Choir / Family Organ

Part 1

Title: Family Choir / Family Organ
Artist: Noggin
Album: Homework
Date: 2008

This piece is a combination of two other pieces of algorithmic music written in 3 lines each of chuck code – deemed ‘chuckus’ for their relationship to 3 line poem styles. My first homework assignment when I came back to school after a trip back home in 2008.
The first piece can be summed up as cancerous, as follows:
SndBuf a=>dac;"special:dope"=>;SndBuf b=>dac;"special:peksblnk"=>;
float c;float d;while(true){Math.cos((c::ms=>now)/15::ms)=>a.rate;

The second piece can be summed up as lament, as follows:
SinOsc q=>NRev r=>dac;SqrOsc w=>r;[63,61,56,65,60]@=>int x[];.5=>q.gain;303=>int
m;0=>float e=>w.gain;while(m::ms=>now){if(e<.1)e+.0003=>e=>w.gain;maybe*m::ms=>

Again, these are algorithmic pieces, and so they kind of write themselves. Each time they are played, they will be slightly different. The challenge for me was to still give them a consistent enough character that ties them together on multiple plays. Also, using simple math functions to simulate ‘song structure’ puts forth its own challenges.
These two pieces also definitely represent the place my head and heart were at in January of 2008. We miss you, Mom.
Download: Family Choir _ Family Organ (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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