Noggin – Collpasing Vortex

Part 1

Title: Collapsing Vortex
Artist: Noggin
Album: Where is our spaceship, and how did we get on this planet?
Release Date: 2001

This was the track I wrapped up 2001’s Spaceship EP with. I came up with this concept album while mindlessly stuffing envelopes at work (I think I totaled 10,000+ when I left), and when I got back to the room that evening – and for the next week or so – I worked relentlessly on getting this EP put together.
I will explain the concept of the album in the posts to come.
Vocals by Koral North aka DJ Fro, but you wouldn’t know it and I doubt he even does.
This also appears as the last track to the mix album, ‘Live From Tiki Island’.
Download: Noggin – 06 Collapsing Vortex (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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