Noggin – Hole in your soul

Part 1

Title: Hole in your soul
Artist: Noggin
Album: unrequieted
Date: 1998

Aaaah….nice sunday track here. This is one of my first forays into straight up loop sampling. God bless the akai s-20. I had to fill some nasty old tape on a reel I was trying to finish off, so I busted out my old trusty and tried to immortalise these tracks which would otherwise would be stuck in the late 90’s Bryan Texas garage rock scene.
A lot of samples from this time period (high school) I’ve noticed come from the tv. The lead vocal in this is definitely from some celebrity game show like 20,000 pyramid or something. Others from random infomercials. Strings from a bargain bin classical cd I got at circuit city to think my 15 year old ass was cultured or something.
Who is going to spot the oasis sample?
Download: holesoul20110530 (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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