DJs Dag-Nab-It y Noggin – Two Wild and Swanky Guys

Part 1
Part 2

Title: Richards-Simpson Wedding / Cocktail Hour
Artist: DJs Dag-Nab-It y Noggin
Album: Two Wild and Swanky Guys
Date: 2011
part a
part b
Back in December, DJ Dag-Nab-It and I had the pleasure of being asked to provide the ambiance at a wedding here in town. The criteria was unique – keep it classy and make it feel like post-WWII.
Well we had a blast doing this one. Kind of a beautiful set up to the actual event as well – Dag-Nab-It scored some great records from Uncle “Smokey” Al Hanson (thanks Uncle Al), and I found the main record that was requested literally on the last dig I went on.
This weeks show includes hits from, but not limited to:
Herb Alpert
Henry Mancini
Ella Fitzgerald
Antonio Carlos Jobim
Various Pops groups
etc, etc…
Download: Dag-Nag-It Y Noggin – 01 – Simpson Wedding (right click and choose ‘save as’)
Download: Dag-Nag-It Y Noggin – 02 – Cocktail Hour (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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