Ilya – Formation (Noggin’s Logic mix)

Part 1

Title: Formation (Noggin’s Logic mix)
Artist: Ilya (Dred)
Album: Formation Single
Date: 2001

This is a remix I did for my friend Ilya’s track off one of his concept albums. Was this July? I have since found this track called different things on different works. There are 4 mixes of this song out there…this one is my contribution.
Massive breakbeat workout in buzz. The beats I believe I actually made in some other program, then imported as loops into buzz for further sample manipulation. Further evidence that breaking the workflow even one bit can yield much more interesting results. Sum is greater than the parts, knowwhatimean?
Download: Ilya – 03 Formation (Noggin’s Logic Mix) (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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