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morning groove

KEOS Broadcast 28 October 2011

Part 1
Part 2

Title: KEOS Broadcast 28 October 2011
Artist: DJ Noggin
Album: KEOS Broadcasts
Date: 2011
part a
part b
So long to the BBC – I’m gonna miss you.
Still got some 45’s in, and big birthday shout to Ethan.
Smooth seas right here.
This weeks show includes hits from, but not limited to:
The Ex-Optimists
Ethan Master of the Hawaiian Ukulele
Mass 187
Ike and Tina Turner
etc, etc…
Download: keos20111028a (right click and choose ‘save as’)
Download: keos20111028b (right click and choose ‘save as’)

Pizza Party Demos

Pizza Party – Spookane

Part 1

Title: Spookane
Artist: Pizza party
Album: demos
Release Date: 2010

This is from some Pizza Party sessions rocking a 1986 Ensoniq workstation synthesizer. Well, sort of, the original demo was kind of jammy, so I bounced down the constituent parts, edited, and added vocals this afternoon. Here’s hoping you dig.
ps. The mix/master slider on this one was set to -4.
Download: Pizza Party – Spookane (right click and choose ‘save as’)

Live at Johnny Picasso's

Noggin – Johnny Picasso

Part 1

Title: Johnny Picasso
Artist: Noggin
Album: Live at Johnny Picasso’s
Release Date: 2010

100% Nintendo Entertainment System – 1980’s model NES running MidiNes.
Thank you Dj Dag-Nab-It for the Nintendo to experiment on and modify. This was the first live jam I made using the NES as the sole sound source. Hooked up to the MPC sequencer, it’s one of my favorite synths to work with.
This track was recorded live…actually the first time I ever brought the nintendo out for a gig. A friend of mine, Kyle, ran the open mic at Johnny Picasso’s in Anacortes, and to him I say Thank You for making this recording. I also have to give him much props for dealing with my unpredictable setup, hot signals, and requests for more and more reverb.
Download: Noggin – Johnny Picasso (right click and choose ‘save as’)