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Rock Formations 07 July 2011

Part 1
Part 2

Title: Rock Formations 07 July 2011
Artist: DJ Noggin
Album: KEOS Broadcasts
Date: 2011
part a
part b
I’m not doing my show this week (thanks Gary!!!), so here is the show I covered last Thursday for Coby. This is the Rock Formations show, which is supposed to be all rock music. This is unusual for me, as my shows either go from country and branch out to electro and all points in between, or are purely vintage country. This show was a welcome chance to play stuff that might not sound as good at 6 in the morning.
This weeks show includes hits from, but not limited to:
Atari Teenage Riot
And The Bass Kicks The Drum
Smile Transylvania
etc, etc…
Download: keos20110707a (right click and choose ‘save as’)
Download: keos20110707b (right click and choose ‘save as’)