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FM Man – Palladium (noggin remix)

Part 1

Title: Palladium
Artist: FM Man
Album: One Man To Freq Them All
Date: 2002

My homey Scott released a superb album once upon a moon ago under his FM Man alias. “One man to freq them all” (I’m proud of coming up with that title) was a pretty great sort of electro / techno / idm opus + glimpse into the early 2000’s Montreal electronic music scence that I’m about to go dig up and jam. I’m pretty sure he produced it mostly in Buzz…my remix definitely came 100% from Buzz, inspired by that sick melody line he worked out. I was getting my feet wet with the glitch aesthetic, and this is something that I was really proud of when it was done.
Yet another fruitful collaboration between Noggin and the unbounded creativity that is ScottyP.
Download: Fm Man – Palladium (remix by noggin) (right click and choose ‘save as’)