MJackson + Lusine ICL + Noggin – Blind Billie Jean

Part 1

Title: Blind Billie Jean
Artist: Michael Jackson + Lusine ICL + Noggin
Album: As Yet Unknown
Release Date: 2004

Bootleg / mashup time. I’ve been a huge Lusine fan for a while, and his records and cds randomly pop up from time to time in various record stores around the world. This was my favorite track off the album, and the whole concept of the bootleg mix was still pretty rampant (this was right after the Grey album, which is in all seriousness way more than a ‘mashup’). Not having too many a cappella’s to work with, I just jammed some MJ…can’t go wrong.
Pretty sure I made this strictly in Cool Edit Pro, which means a lot of changing speed of portions, editing where it goes out of sync. Lot of cut and paste.
Download: Noggin – Blind Billie Jean (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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