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Groovesday 05 June 2013 – About That Time

Artist: DJ Noggin
Title: Groovesday 05 June 2013 - About That Time
Album: KEOS Broadcasts
Date: 2013
Part 1
Part 2

This is my last solo Groovesday for a while. We keep it all over the place just trying to push every button I can before I step out that door down that old dusty. The AC is broken in the station so this is literally the sweatiest show I’ve ever done as well – wonder if that comes through to yall?
Gets rolling on the jungle tip then cruises into familiar four to floor and finally all-bets-off territory. Even hit that requested Euro flavor.
This weeks show includes hits from, but not limited to:
Adnan Marquez-Borbon
Sun Ra
Dawn Penn / Bounty Hunter
Sak Noel
Caustic Window
etc, etc…