Muse – Unintended (Noggin’s Wavecutter mix)

Part 1

Title: Unintended (Nog’s Wavecutter mix)
Artist: Muse / Noggin
Album: Live from Tiki Island
Date: 2003

Remix of a (at-the-time) newly discovered Muse song. I learned about Muse in Noordwijk, and really got into them. They must have been pretty big in Europe at the time, because with nobody having heard of them over here, I was kind of slammed in the face with them over there. One night, I met a nice Irish couple, and the guy kept playing this guitar riff. He told me it was Muse.
Later on that summer, I was making a mix with a few people in mind, and this served as a nice sweet moment on an otherwise jamming cd. Drums are from DJ Shadow’s second album.
More details on the mix when I post the whole thing.
Download: 11 Muse – Unintended (Noggin’s wavecutter mix) (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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