Megaspore Mothercell – FH

Part 1

Title: FH
Artist: Megaspore Mothercell / Nueget
Album: Nueget Jams
Date: 1995

Ok we’re getting real old school now. This was one of the first recording session / jams with my first band, at the time called Megaspore Mothercell. We would later change our name to Nueget. We went through a number of bassists, but the band pretty much was held down by Steve and myself. I was eventually fired (only time that’s ever happened), which is a funny story you’ll have to hear later.
Anyway, Steve had written and wrote a lot of the songs, but we jammed em up. Later on, we would all pretty much share the songwriting, which, being a (unbeknownst to us) noise rock jam band, meant making lots of noise and making sure somebody remembered what it was we did.
This one has David on bass.
Download: Nueget – FH (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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