Noggin – Generations (H-Town mix)

Part 1

Title: Generations (H-Town mix)
Artist: Noggin
Album: Phase
Release Date: 1999

Got to get this one up as it just happens to be next in my list of ‘candidates’.
Funky breaks acid jam. The original is a ten-minute acid epic…this one was me using the power of Acid, which, at the time, was pretty unbelievable. Can you believe we used to MANUALLY loop and resample and tweak and stretch and pitch and tune our loops to be sample accurate, integer value multiples of each other!? WE DID! And often times, without a graphic display. Acid came along and changed all that. Finally, a digital audio workstation that was BPM-centric. You could somewhat haphazardly throw a ton of loops into it, and it would stretch all of them to fit into the same tempo. I mean this was revolutionary. Hardware samplers were just starting to do this, but their time-stretch algorithms were so slow and poor, that most all of them (Akai S-20, MPC, I’m looking at you) just resampled the loops (much like a dj changing turntable speeds).
This new technology gave me the power to loop up anything and everything and then just ‘paint’ songs together (I love that paradigm in Acid). This was a loop based composition then, and intended to be used as a live version of ‘Generations’. I did end up playing this one live quite a lot, required 2 or 3 floppies (so slow to load…haters), and the ‘score’ i printed out was like 6 pages of soundwaves taped together.
You can tell I’m still wet behind the ears cause I can’t get enough of those movie samples.
Download: Noggin – 07 Generations (H-Town mix) (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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