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Beretta Underground 003

Noggin – Beretta Underground 003 – Blood on the tracks

Artist: Noggin
Title: BU003 - Blood on the tracks (full mix)
Album: Beretta Underground 003 - Blood on the tracks
Date: 2005
Part 1

This one was a birthday present to my main man Mr. Koral North. Mixed using the same setup (Vestax PMC 05 Pro – II fed by single turntable vinyl controlled DjDecks).
This one is all hip-hop and stuff that fits at that tempo (Four Tet is not the most gangster thing in the world). It’s dark and banging, taking the thematic elements from BU002 logically further. I really enjoyed making this and I got to holler at my boy Cody NuNu for keeping this spirit alive.
And a younger, scratch-initiating Noggin on the cuts (thanks Dirtstyle Shampoo breaks).
Includes hits from, but not limited to:
Method Man
Prince Paul
Murs + Slug
Geto Boyz
Bone Thugs
etc, etc…