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4 covers Pizza Party Demos

Pizza Party – You Keep the Beats

Part 1

Title: You Keep the Beats (Plug Cover)
Artist: Pizza Party
Album: 4 covers
Release Date: 2009

More Anacortes Red House tomfoolery. This one features a stunning vocal track from the super-player that Robby, one part of the amorphous Pizza Party collective.
Our good ‘mate’ Mark, a right English ‘bloke’, commissioned these pieces with unfulfilled promises of pizza and soda bread (ok that was fulfilled). We were happy to do it. This is one cover of 4 songs off an ep by an English group called Plug…not to be confused with another English artist called Plug (who has actually been a great inspiration to me).
You keep the beats, I’ll keep the money.
Hip Hop nu-skool baby.
Download: Pizza Party – You Keep the Beats (Plug Cover) (right click and choose ‘save as’)