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Artist: DJ Noggin
Title: Mathsmix20150212 (Full mix)
Album: Full Mixes
Date: 2015
Part 1

The funny thing about this mix is that I started trying to figure out a formula I could use to quickly resample songs so they would mix together, because I wanted to make mixes fast, programmatically. I sort of started guessing (educated guesses you could say) what the formula would look like, and actually got pretty close on the first go…though I was able to refine the formula to make it more universal.

Anyway so I made this mix in Audacity using some new flacs I had ripped from vinyl and my newly discovered formula for beatmatching.

A week later Audacity released a new version that included the ability to do this formula built-in. I thought that was pretty cool.

This mix includes hits from, but not limited to:
Dub Taylor
James Blake (thanks Kyle)
The Rip-Off Artist
Heiroglyphic Being
etc, etc…