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As Yet Unknown

Noggin – ESQ1 Preset Jam

Part 1

Title: ESQ1 Preset Jam
Artist: Noggin
Album: As Yet Unknown
Release Date: 2009

Much like yesterday, this one is in honor of another Ensoniq keyboard. The ESQ1 and the EPS look like brothers. Both coming to us from the future of 1986, they both were considered ‘workstations’, in that they offered sound design and a very similar, multi-track sequencer to arrange all this sound. They differ however, in their sound generation scheme. While the EPS was a sampler (which basically turned into a badass synth once you got the samples in it), the ESQ1 was straight up, a very tweakable synth. I have to respect this piece because, even though it’s not covered with knobs, as is the fad these days, no parameter is more than one button press away.
Anyway, it’s about the best synth you can get, and once I got mine, this Sonic The Hedgehog-ish jam came out instantly. That minimoog patch just BEGS for wheel modulation, and by god, I give it up.
All sounds in this are ESQ1 presets, with the exception of the bass, which I had to program to check the bass on this beast…which I had mistakenly been told was not very good.
This one goes out to Jason R, who I’d like to thank for the kind message regarding this site, but I haven’t called back because I’m just too out of it still.
The response to this work has been really great, and I want to thank ALL of you for all your kind words. If I could make one request, tell me in a comment! Immortalise your words and fill google with trash, LETS DO THIS.
Download: esq1presets (right click and choose ‘save as’)