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In the Corner

Zoe’s Concussion – Old (My Buddy Bone)

Part 1

Title: Old (My Buddy Bone)
Artist: In the Corner
Album: Zoe’s Concussion
Date: 1996

Yep. I closed out my more industrial / lofi / garage noise album with a mouth harp solo. How very Beck of me.
This was written somewhat for my homey Bone from Hearne but I think he would have preferred a gangsta rap version better. I cut out the commentary where I just go into detail about how the harps get after you play them so much. Pretty sure I was bent over a crappy microphone held between my knees for this one…but how cool is the multitracking using a just-as-cheap karaoke machine? That’s a quick route to lo-fi city if your interested.
Download: Zoe’s Concussion – 16 Old (My Buddy Bone) (right click and choose ‘save as’)