Freddy Sanchez – The World As You Know It (demo 03)

Part 1

Title: The World As You Know It (demo 03)
Artist: Freddy Sanchez
Album: Acoustic Translations
Date: 2008

When I moved back to Texas from California, Freddy and I went on a musical madness fest. We played every open mic, we jammed the far corners of BCS, we moved magnets and turned them into binary data. He really wanted to record a set of demos to hand out, and I wanted to help out. With the help of his acoustically beautiful (though not sound proof) jam room, and some nice matched mics, we recorded a good few hours worth of material he had just been wanting to get out for a while. This is one of my favorites. More to come, for sure.
Freddy if you can, leave the name of this piece in the comments.
Download: fredro03 (right click and choose ‘save as’)


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