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Live From Tiki Island

Noggin – Live From Tiki Island (full mix)

Part 1

Title: Live From Tiki Island (full mix)
Artist: Noggin
Album: Live From Tiki Island
Date: 2003

Filling a request here with some more full mixes (expect more).
This one comes as a birthday present / documentation / <3 letter from the summer of 2003. The inspiration from that summer had kicked in to full blown detonative status and so this grew out of a need to explode. It's also the last mix I did in the cut n' paste style via CD Architect. The title is (incorrectly) a reference to a trip to the Gulf Coast that I was trying to commemorate. The 'Live' thing is also totally a joke, as this is calm, contemplated, coolness. Includes hits from, but not limited to: Radiohead Daft Punk Phoenix Bit Meddler Bran Van 3000 etc, etc... Download: Noggin – Live from Tiki Island (full mix) (right click and choose ‘save as’)