Noggin – Midnight Fog

Part 1

Title: Midnight Fog
Artist: Noggin
Album: Buzz Exports
Release Date: 1998

Request (keep em coming…even if it’s just an idea or a feeling you want to request). Not that it really matters, but this could potentially be a 97 instead of a 98. Thanks to Ilya for reminding me that I was considering including this on ‘Phase’ but opted for ‘From Perspective’ instead (is that really real or are you making that up?).
I wrote this song one night after driving with Jon etc through the country to his house or some land or some other country place. Fog in this part of Texas is really weird when it manifests, really thick and patchy. This particular night, it just started springing up in the valleys out towards the creek bottom. Real thick stuff…we were turning on the brights and driving blind with the fog glowing back at us just to be stupid kids. So this track is all about driving a big blue oldsmobile up and down the hills, rolling in and out of thick patches of fog. Gangster.
Download: midnight-fog (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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