Noggin – furnace 1 jam

Part 1

Title: Furnace 1 jam
Artist: Noggin
Album: As yet unknown
Release Date: 2011

In with 15 minutes to spare!
I wanted to let yall in on a bit of the process. This is hot and fresh off the press…first run through, just jamming some samples I ripped the other night. Busted out the 3630 for this one, and plan on using that thing a lot more. I haven’t edited this at all just to bare it a little bit for yall.
MPC + vinyl + a dash of NES.
o ps. the samples are from a portugal ‘fados’ record, some coltrane and some herb alpert (in honor of the rebirth of the wall). but you would never know that if i didn’t tell you so good luck spotting them.
Download: noggin-furnace1-jam (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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