Noggin – Used (demo)

Part 1

Title: Used (demo)
Artist: Noggin
Album: As Yet Unknown
Release Date: 2003

I wanted to slow things down a bit, seems like the last couple days on this thing have been pretty intense.
Here is a very short demo/test I made with Reason, ca. version 1.1. I tried Reason for about a summer, and it pretty much single-handedly inspired me to find a hardware synth, which just further solidified my move away from computer-based production. I’m not hating on Reason, I think it is a very unique piece of software and pretty cool what all it can do. I guess I just thought taking the hardware metaphor THAT FAR in software was a bit backwards, and so I myself ended up being the one taking steps backwards into the world of never having enough patch cables. Go figure.
Download: noggin – used(demo) (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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