Noggin – Havana (version 1)

Part 1

Title: Havana (version 1)
Artist: CNCTR aka Noggin
Album: Every Early Experiment
Date: 1997

Along the same lines as the GaGeAsSeBr things, my live sets had to consist of looped phrases that I played back on the fly….this is pre-tempo sync too folks to it’s all flowing straight from the fingers (I actually prefer this). Anyway this is a banger I threw together for no other purpose than to have pure dirt coming out the speakers when I played live.
Named Havana cause somehow I was really into Cuban cigars when I was in high school.
This is pretty much all S-20 played live with loops from different things, namely TS-404 which was a pretty great pre-vst softsynth groovebox thing.
Download: Noggin – 04 Havana1 (Early Experiment) (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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