Noggin – bliqbloq

Part 1

Title: bliqbloq
Artist: Noggin
Album: Treeverb demos
Date: 2003

update: player fixed.
Chalk the name of this one up to a finnicky synth-keyboard interface and kind of letting it name itself as I stumble through the characters.
This one is actually entirely out-the-box, in that it 100% comes from a Yamaha AN1X being played live. You gotta love the sequencer on that thing. Add to that the complete bi-timbrallity and you can get pretty creative with multiple sounds at once and getting close to a full composition from the synth itself.
I know I recorded this one around 3am in my house off Dartmouth in San Marcos.
Rebirthed in 2008 to help with the demo at AES of Spratt’s TreeVerb algorithm.
Download: 11 bliqbloq (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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