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As Yet Unknown

Noggin – Round-Up (Backwoods Boys mix)

Artist: Noggin
Title: Round Up (Backwoods Boys remix)
Album: As Yet Unknown
Date: 2000
Part 1

After hiding all the barn animals in the ‘remix’ of Round-Up, I decided to just blast yall with where I was coming from, in a decidedly casio fashion.
Here’s the ‘original mix’ which came as a remix the day after the original release of Round-Up.

As Yet Unknown collaborations singles

Ethan Master of The Hawaiian Ukulele – Party

Part 1

Title: Party
Artist: Ethan Master of the Hawaiian Ukulele
Album: As Yet Unknown
Date: 2008

EMHU goes Phil Spector…just kidding…but the amount of post-production this one endured is staggering. Ethan came out to Palo Alto and we tracked out a bunch of ideas one afternoon, this one got the most tracks recorded for it, so we just ran with it. I produced this one for Ethan during the summer of 2008.
Ethan is on tour right now with his band Spiked Punch, so definitely catch them if they hit up a town near you.
Download: ethan-party (right click and choose ‘save as’)