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Pizza Party Demos Side B

Pizza Party – Another pause for Herb

Part 1

Title: Another Pause for Herb
Artist: Pizza Party ft. DJ Noggin
Album: Side B
Release Date: 2010

From the Pizza Party sessions.
This is an impromptu beat juggle that happened during a Pizza Party recording session. I dedicated an entire wall to Herb Alpert in my last house, and so we had tons of these records floating around, and doubles of many of them. This track is appropriate because I just reinstated the Herb Alpert wall at my new house.
For those that don’t know, beat juggling is where you have two copies of the same record on both of your turntables. You cue them both up at the same point, start one, then at the end of your ‘loop’, start the other. While that is happening, you silence the other one, and rewind it. Do this back and forth and you can keep this loop going for infinity. It gets tricky, especially if your records are old and beat up and prone to skip (guess what, my Herb Alpert records, culled from trashbins and garage sale barrel-bottoms, are not in the best shape).
Download: Pizza Party – Another pause for Herb (right click and choose ‘save as’)