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collaborations Sober October Demos

Noggin – Reel to Roll [Paulbur edit]

Part 1

Title: Reel to Roll [Paulbur Edit]
Artist: Noggin
Album: Sober October
Date: 2011

The saintly son of Sunnybrook comes back again in record time with this an ‘edit’ of probably the most divergent track from the release. Lovin the vocals and just the whole idea of hearing something I have spent so much time with take on a life of it’s own outside of my habitat.
Muchas gracias!
Full album available at http://soundcloud.com/djnoggin/sets/sober-october
Download: Reel to Roll [paulbur edit] (right click and choose ‘save as’)

remixes and covers

Sunnybrook – Tanglewood

Part 1

Title: Tanglewood
Artist: Sunnybrook
Album: Buzz Exports
Release Date: 2011

So a few days ago I put up this really old song called ‘Pheldt’. Standard trip-hop fair.
Then the kids got a hold of it!
My homey Sunny took this track, wailed over it, sampled/chopped the hell out of it, and basically turned it into a completely new track.
I was BLOWN AWAY with how awesome his work is. He credited the track to me, but I have to credit this to him because I am just the samplee, collecting all the royalties like George Clinton.
Check out Sunnybrook
Download: sunnybrook – tanglewood (right click and choose ‘save as’)