Noggin – Eclipse

Part 1

Title: The Eclipse
Artist: Noggin
Album: As Yet Unknown, The Shoebox
Release Date: 1999

Request Thursday! I must say thank you to all the new requests, and the new requestees, but do hold your horses as I had a couple in mind already and the key here is patience (aka dragging it out). Do keep those the requests and comments flowing. We’ve a long way to go yet.
I was very proud of this song when I produced it. It covered a few styles cleanly, and at least didn’t sound as much like ‘tracker music’ as I was thinking all my stuff did (in hindsight, my stuff rarely sounded like ‘tracker music’). I wrote this around the time of some great eclipse happening in Europe, and I really wanted to be there experiencing it. It happened for us Americans at night.
On a sidenote, I’m learning that my instincts on dating these things is often pretty wrong. For example, I originally thought this was from 2001. I thought I was in college, I thought I had ‘matured’ (musically) a bit, and then I thought, well wait, it’s still early sounding, maybe it was 2000. Looking at the txt file I wrote for the song, it was friggin August of 99. I was still 17.
Funfact: one of the machines in this song is named ‘pickles’.
This was “a Binary Distorsion Inc. / Alternative Rumblingz release”…originally at I miss those guys.
Download: Noggin – The Eclipse (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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