Noggin – x0x508 (demo)

Part 1

Title: x0x508
Artist: Noggin
Album: Old Town Acid (demo)
Release Date: 2010

Last September I finally built my x0xb0x. That is a bass-synthesizer, clone of the infamous Roland TB-303. It’s amazing how, for 15 years I have been trying to emulate this one particular sound, and now, after about two weeks huddled over a circuit board and huffing solder fumes, all I have to do is plug this machine in.
A C I D.
This was recorded literally seconds after I turned the machine on for the first time.
Uploading today because I just opened her up to do a bit of surgery…the USB section (yes acid has been brought to the 21st century) is not working, and I thought/was hoping/am hoping it was just a bad resonator not letting the FTDI usb chip run properly…we’ll see…
Muchas gracias to the kind soul from Germany sending me a resonator so I could try it out.
Edit after the fact: WTF is my problem posting a 303 track on 302!? HAPPY 303 everyone. Request Thursday still stands…
Download: x0x20101010 (right click and choose ‘save as’)

Further info regarding construction process can be found at CasaVista


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