Noggin – The Weather is Changing, pt. 2

Part 1

Title: The Weather is Changing pt 2
Artist: Noggin
Album: Phase
Release Date: 1999

I was really into industrial before anything else concrete. It gave me the balls to actually get into more electronic stuff, and it was about all I could make on my own when I was first starting out. Indie/lo-fi/Daniel Johnston was only cool to Kurt Cobain when I was doing this stuff, and so the only lo-fi thing I could really get away with was just a ton of distorted keyboards. Either that or I was 14 and really didn’t care what anybody thought and I wanted to make my face bleed with my headphones. Anyway, I moved away from the more industrial, into the more techno, and back and forth for a while. This was the the industrial part of what I thought was a pretty defining suite off my first computer based album. A nod to my dirtier days.
Download: Noggin – 09 The Weather is Changing pt II (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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