Noggin – That Old Orange Guitar

Part 1

Title: That Old Orange Guitar
Artist: Noggin
Album: Sober October
Date: 2011

Final version of the ambient track I posted earlier this year (bonus track after so you don’t think I’m double dipping).
All the sounds in this one came from my first guitar, recently rigged up with piezo, plugged straight into my sampler. I got to say thanks again to my uncle for that guitar, cause it basically was my gateway into wanting to learn to hone my craft.
I want to dedicate this one to my good friend Kyle of California.
MPC straight to 1/4″ reels via Mackie mixer and LXP-1 on send.
Chuck originally called this one “Leftovers” (and I like that).
Full album available at
Download: Noggin – 05 – That Old Orange Guitar (right click and choose ‘save as’)


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