Karl Blau – 96 (Nog Jam)

Part 1

Title: 96 (Nog Jam)
Artist: Karl Blau
Album: 96 Nog Jams
Date: 2010

The above is one of these kickstarter fundraising webpages for my good friend Karl. I’d like to point out that, by pledging to support the project, you’re not just giving money away. Quite the opposite, you’re investing in the most unique and delicately-crafted, totally 100% hand made in America projects that exists right now. Karl has a subscription service called ‘Klaps’ (Kelp Lunacy Advanced Plagiarism Society), wherein he records the music, does the artwork, hand-sews a lot of the packaging, and then sends it out to those who have paid the dues. I’m not joking around here, folks…it’s not only some of the most creative and honest music you’ve ever heard, it’s an entirely personal experience from the artist to the fan. Not to mention, it’s almost made from totally recycled materials – and I don’t mean recycled like, thrown in the trash bin, picked out, sent to a plant, and turned into an egg carton – I mean that the packaging for the 96 album is made from a trash-bound record sleeve, reformed and screen printed into a cd case.
Here is a remix I did of the title track off Karl’s ’96’ record. He lent me his original 4 track and I just went to town throwing bits an pieces into the sampler.
Download: Karl Blau – 01 – 96 (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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