Noggin – 8 bit set at Rancho Relaxo part 00000010

Part 1

Title: Live 8 bit set at Rancho Relaxo part 00000010
Artist: Noggin
Album: Live 8 bit set at Rancho Relaxo
Date: 2008

When I moved back to Texas in 2008, having spent the previous year doing nothing but producing music (and doing lots of math in the process), I had sound exploding out of me. Ethan Master of the Hawaiian Ukulele, Steward of Rancho Relaxo, asked me to participate in a pre-AMODA “8-bit” show. Now, I’ve never considered myself strictly 8-bit, but I jumped at the opportunity to basically drone out in a dark basement and maybe make people expand their understanding of what things like 8-bit are really about. Recent experiments into feedback loops through the ER-1, music written for gameboy (had to meet the criteria), and a custom-built distortion box (think of it as analog 8-bit sound) all came together to produce a swath or digital crustiness reverberating off the graffiti’d stone walls of the Rancho Basement. The wonderful visuals provided by no less than three video artists of course helped the ambiance.
There are some re-worked Noggin classics in here, and part 1 will be up at some point.
This is Noggin doing noise, if that aint your thing, open your ears and mind or please, move on.
Download: noggin-8bit-set2 (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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