Noggin – Chillfest (rough draft)

Part 1

Title: Chillfest (rough draft)
Artist: Noggin
Album: Fall Tape
Date: 2011

Another one off the recently bounced Fall Tape. This path was formed by placing one stone at a time.
EPS sampling Logic sounds, sequenced via mpc, sequence recorded to logic, re-sequenced back to eps, tracked to logic in whole song and chunk sections (for looping), sent to cassette tape, bounced back to pc, cut up / mastered briefly mostly to raise cassette output, disseminated on the trackaday faces.
I love the interplay of different machines from different time periods because it brings up interesting techniques that might not have been explored otherwise. Ever notice a hardware samplist’s tendency to raise both notes of a interval equally? That’s the machine talking as much as the musician (this led to a lot of ‘jazzy’ hip hop and electro-lounge).
TX on the bass.
Download: 03 chillfest (rough draft) (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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