And The Bass Kicks The Drum – Forget All The Memories (Immersion mix)

Part 1

Title: Forget All The Memories (Immersion mix)
Artist: And the Bass Kicks the Drum
Album: And the Bass Kicks the Remix
Date: 2011

It’s messed up, cause as much as I want this ‘category’ page to turn out like an album page, that would mean I would have to post the tracks in reverse order…since it sorts everything by date, newest first. Well I screwed that up with the first post for this EP by posting track 3 first.
Who cares though, here’s the fifth and final ATBKTD ‘remix’…which is really just a super-screwed version of another remix. It’s a nice chance to peak into harmonics that you might not have known were there, as they are suddenly brought down into the audible spectrum.
This one’s got em. In droves.
Download: atbktd-remix5(immersion) (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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