Avec M̩re РNew York

Part 1

Title: New York
Artist: Avec Mére
Album: As yet Unknown
Date: 2006

An amazingly talented good friend of mine named Jordan recorded this and sent it to me either while I was in Austin or while I was in limbo / homeless between Austin and California. On a whim, I asked him to send the tracks and let me try to add a piano, which I did using my piano in Bryan (slightly in a honky tonk tuning, no?). I do not consider myself a piano player, but I do consider myself a musician and I will play whatever you throw at me. Having said that, don’t throw pianos at me right now. Put this one together by ear, then grabbed the only mic I had (thanks again Thoams) and recorded this while my dad ate beans in the kitchen and my mom scoured the internet for travel deals (she was really good at that). If you listen close enough, my cat, The Baron Archimedes Von Resonator Al-Stimpson de Chenonceau even has a part in this.
Thank you Jordan for being such an inspiration.
ps. there is another version of this somewhere that has a crazy glitched out guitar solo I’ll try to find and upload later.
Download: avec mére – new york_withpiano (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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