Noggin – Hswowsh jam

Part 1

Title: Hswowsh jam spring 2011
Artist: Noggin
Album: Spring Tape
Date: 2011

Hump day humpin for ya, acid style.
I will willingly attribute any awesomeness found in these digital frequency representations to be wholly due to the company of my homey Hswowsh, who was chilling in the Furnace with me as I reached over and hit ‘record’ on the tape deck while preparing for my show later that night.
This is therefore short, unrehearsed, distorted acidy excursions for your mind and your rear end.
Homebuilt 303 (x0x) -> amp sim + mpc all being digitally mixed through a newly refurbished Yamaha DMP-7. Whodathunk that analog -> digital -> analog conversion ala 1986 would sound so sweet?
Download: hswowsh20110612 (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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