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GaGeAsSeBr – Arsenic

Part 1

Title: Arsenic
Artist: GaGeAsSeBr
Album: GaGeAsSeBr
Date: 2001

Track 3 off the GaGeAsSeBr suite is a bit more focused techno than the other sort of noodling loop fests. We’re still going for the loop-based production style, but you’ll find 4 to the floor drums and some soaring, some acidic synths in here.
This one needs what their calling these days

a drop.

It’s got some psuedo-drops for sure. Bass drum on my subwoofer is kicking me hard right now.
Download: gageassebr3 (right click and choose ‘save as’)


Jeff Cooper – 220b HW 1

Part 1

Title: 220b HW 1
Artist: Jeff Cooper
Album: Homework
Date: 2008

Synthesized from the ground up, FM style. I learned a lot about FM synthesis since I went to school for a while at the same place where FM synthesis was born…they’re pretty into that over there. This piece was a homework assignment, of which I cannot recall the premise or rules prescribed to it. I say this is synthesized ‘from the ground up’ because not only are all sounds synthesized by code that I wrote, but all sequencing as well is running off of code that I wrote.
If I had to (I don’t), I’d call it a cross between Paul Lansky (maybe Chowning) and Autechre.
“Paul Lan-who?” you say? Radiohead, Idiotheque, guugle it (it’s good).
And there’s your fun fact for the day.
Sounds + programming done in Chuck.
Download: 220bhw1 (right click and choose ‘save as’)