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Instant Jams remixes remixes and covers Sober October Demos

Noggin – That Old Orange Guitar (Live Remix)

Part 1

Title: That Old Orange Guitar (live remix)
Artist: Noggin
Album: Sober October Demos
Date: 2011

This track isn’t exactly suited for playing out at a bar where everyone is drinking looking to get their groove on. However, one time I played a gig out in the forest of east Texas where I thought I might could pull this one off without being too crazy (thank you Birds and Beats). I came up with this extra bit of beat to add to it though to give it a bit of a special touch for the night.
Here is the live ‘remix’ played live earlier today. If you can, take yourself out to the forest with me and your close friends, real late at night on the hottest night of the year. Take yer shirt off, embrace the dirt, smile at the dichotomy of so many colored lights amidst so many darkened trees, veg out.
MPC (w/ FX card!) straight to Logic.
Full album available at http://soundcloud.com/djnoggin/sets/sober-october
Download: That Old Orange Guitar (Live remix) (right click and choose ‘save as’)