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4 covers remixes and covers Sober October Demos

Noggin / Plug – Nonchalant Love (guitar version)

Part 1

Title: Nonchalant Love (guitar version)
Artist: Plug / Noggin
Album: Sober October Demos
Date: 2009

Not really sure if you’d call this a remix or an original…the original idea was definitely to remix/remake/cover some random ass track from Mark’s friends in England. All we had was a 7″ record with 4 tracks on it to go from. Max and I got commissioned to do this track. I originally laid down all the basics, melody, beats, etc, hoping that he would just be able to drone/jam out over it if I left it open enough (a pretty winning formula for us, really). Well Max kind of went MIA for a time and so this pretty much stayed in the studio. Until the one time we were supposed to actually perform it, at which point we proceeded to annihilate (read, literally blow the tweeters out of) the speaker system with the absolute first noise we made…we were into feedback and high frequency stuff at the time. I’ve never heard of a blown tweeter before, but kids, it can be done with enough feedback and amplifiers.
The point it, this track never really manifested itself as a Plug ‘remix’ or ‘cover’, and instead gestated in the sampler up until my autumn excursions into garage-tapedom. It has since spawned 2 other mildly related tracks, mainly sharing elements of the drums.
Download: nonchalant-guit (right click and choose ‘save as’)