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Classic Trash collaborations

SOMA + Noggin – Seep Lul

Part 1

Title: Seep Lul
Artist: SOMA + Noggin
Album: Classic Trash
Date: 1998

I’m dedicating this week to collaborations.
One of the most good-vibesin’ bit of collaborating I did was with Matt aka SOMA. I can’t recall the details on how we became aware of each other, but it probably had something to do with rotorkopf and definitely had a lot to do with Buzz. He asked me to collaborate on a track, and as I was just learning the intricacies of amen junglism, I used this as a good excuse to get some more chopping under my belt. His melodies were so inspiring, and the sound fx track was something pretty new to me. I also really dug the tempo changes, even though I don’t think I had ever (knowingly) gone into that territory.
This is about as classic Buzz as it gets…some pluck string, primi fun squelching away, tick-style tracker madness and chiptune pad samples.
We would go on to do a couple more songs together, amongst remixing each others’ work whenever the need arose.
Download: seeplul (right click and choose ‘save as’)