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Classic Trash collaborations

SOMA + Noggin – Seep Lul

Part 1

Title: Seep Lul
Artist: SOMA + Noggin
Album: Classic Trash
Date: 1998

I’m dedicating this week to collaborations.
One of the most good-vibesin’ bit of collaborating I did was with Matt aka SOMA. I can’t recall the details on how we became aware of each other, but it probably had something to do with rotorkopf and definitely had a lot to do with Buzz. He asked me to collaborate on a track, and as I was just learning the intricacies of amen junglism, I used this as a good excuse to get some more chopping under my belt. His melodies were so inspiring, and the sound fx track was something pretty new to me. I also really dug the tempo changes, even though I don’t think I had ever (knowingly) gone into that territory.
This is about as classic Buzz as it gets…some pluck string, primi fun squelching away, tick-style tracker madness and chiptune pad samples.
We would go on to do a couple more songs together, amongst remixing each others’ work whenever the need arose.
Download: seeplul (right click and choose ‘save as’)

Phase singles

CNCTR – Another World

Part 1

Title: Another World
Artist: CNCTR
Album: Phase
Date: 1997

Here’s some bubblegum techno-pop from 1997.
This was the first track I ever finished and released using what would be become my main sound production tool, Jeskola Buzz. Seems appropriate to use a ‘first’ for this, the first post of this daunting endeavor. A little hesitant because it’s so different from most of my other stuff, but twice this week people have brought this track up and said they liked it, so just giving the people what they want.

This track was also my first international release, as it was released on a New Zealand comp ‘Self Unbound’ shortly after I shared it.

It’s crazy when I think about making this track, because I was just so new to producing using a computer, and these new concepts of ‘patterns’ and ‘loops’ completely blew my mind. I think this track actually grew entirely out of my amazement with another friend who had made a little beat that was based on a two-pattern (8 beats) loop…thanks for the inspiration Cliff.
Also, this track ignited my love affair with my favorite synth of all time, Geonik’s PrimiFun.

Download: CNCTR – Another World