Noggin – Analysis (quasi-live)

Part 1

Title: Analysis (Quasi-live)
Artist: Noggin
Album: Phase
Release Date: 1999

Made this one when I was about 16 just so I could have some jams to play live. I created it by making some loops in Buzz, recording some guitar into Cool Edit, and then exporting all those loops to my Akai S-20 sampler for live manipulation. Provided for a pretty dynamic performance since there was no set sequence, and I was experimenting with more one-shots vs loops. I really enjoyed playing this one because I could wail out on the guitar solo…picking up the sampler and changing the playback direction+stuttering of the loop in realtime. I don’t do that in the recorded version….had to give em something to hold out for for the live show. This was recorded live from the sampler, but not live in front of people. The crowd in this recording is totally fake.
Includes hidden track ‘sN_8’ from the end of the album, ‘Phase’.
Download: Noggin – 11 analysis (quasi-live) (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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