Noggin – Orkas

Part 1

Title: Orkas
Artist: Noggin
Album: Sober October
Date: 2011

Here is the longest track from the album at ~12 minutes. It’s a 2 part piece that I wrote pretty much entirely on Orcas Island in the North-West islands of Washington State.
While there, I came across a tiny, cheap casio keyboard in the closet where we were staying. The keyboard barely worked – it was stuck on one preset that was like a hybrid organ / piano / vox thing, and then drums. If you hadn’t noticed, I love working with restrictions so I fired up the sampler and pulled about the 4 or 5 sounds this thing could make, and set to working digitally dicing them with the rudimentary functions of the mpc to create entire instrument sets.
From those sets of sounds, these two, very related tracks sprang forth. Again with the further refinement and couple of garage sessions, and the finished piece was put to tape. Every sound from that crappy old broken keyboard found in a closet. Work with what you got.
MPC straight to 1/4″ reels via Mackie mixer and LXP-1 on send.
Full album available at
Download: Noggin – 09 – Orkas (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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