Noggin – Grglbst

Part 1

Title: Grglbst
Artist: Noggin
Album: As Yet Unknown
Date: 2004

Aaaah, a true Noggin gem of a classic right here.
Urban legend says that this works great on an music-device on shuffle, as the mix might be fortunate enough to get these ~14 seconds of speaker-terror in the midst of oh say a soothing new age indie set. In the words of my good friend Freddy, “Just wait….it’ll be over soon”.
This was created by running effects in Cool Edit with ungodly values in the parameters…if the chorus lets you type in 120000000000000 voices, just do it. If you can catch the output and record it before your computer totally crashes to its knees, you’ll have a nice little nugget of glitchdom to feed yer hungry little samplers with.
It’s my birthday homeys so I’m gonna take this moment to point out a couple of my personal favorites from the archives…
Noggin – Emergence
Noggin – Disassembly
Noggin – Cup Feet / Chamber
CNCTR – Corrosion
Noggin – I Swear To You My Friend It Will Be Alright
Noggin – KEOS 29 July 2011
Noggin – Flotation Device (full mix)
Noggin – Island Love (demo)
Noggin + Spratt – Trampled
Avec Mere – New York
Download: Grglbst (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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