Noggin – Beat Friends (Live from Stafford)

Part 1

Title: Beat Friends (Live from Stafford)
Artist: Noggin
Album: Live at Stafford
Date: 2009

Major props to all those who came out to Birds and the Beats vol. 3 episode 1.
And double props to those who came out to Murphys the following night.
Here’s a live version of a track I recorded at the Stafford Main Street for a semi-regular Holiday show in 2009. Thanks to Houston for making sure it sounded good, and for recording this performance.
Jon Alderson on the drums, which we recorded in Denton, TX, and which have somehow interjected into my life every day since (this fool can drum, let me say).
Look for the studio version of this track coming soon on the Sober October record.
And let me take this opportunity to give my love and support to the Stafford in Bryan, TX. Best sound from Houston to Austin (no BS), and a killer vibe…I hope to come back someday.
Download: Noggin – 05 – Beat Friends (Live at Stafford) (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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