Noggin – Bia Bia (Mad Man mix)

Part 1

Title: Bia Bia (Mad Man mix)
Artist: Noggin / Lil’ Jon and the East Side Boyz
Album: The Forty Forty Mix (Beretta Underground 01)
Release Date: 2001

Made this drum n’ bass remix of Lil’ Jon for a Halloween Party I was DJing in college. For anyone that thinks you need such-and-such to do such-and-such…I DJed this entire party with a crappy mixer and two discmans. Make what you got work! Party was killer too, and I’ll be damned if dropping this track all over their sweaty faces didn’t drive the crowd absolutely apeshit. Flows very nice from the original…flows very nice into Bombs Over Baghdad…just sayin’ (will maybe post that mix later).
The name comes from my friend, who upon hearing it, declared ‘Noggin, yer a mad man’. I liked that.
This was produced using, I believe, Nuendo as sequencer. I only used it for this and maybe one or two other tracks before I just went back to Buzz.
Download: Noggin – Bia Bia (Mad man mix) (right click and choose ‘save as’)

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